Alexander Mills

- Model 3000 - Cultivation


3.0m working width.Three-point linkage-mounting.World-famous low-draught leg design.Choice of leg configurations.Hydraulic breakback leg option.Choice of rear rollers.Relieves soil compaction.Enhanced cultivation.


  • Agricultural  
  • Contractors

Tractor Requirements

  • 2450kg minimum tractor weight
  • 160hp minimum tractor horsepower

Breakback Leg Option
McConnel's revolutionary new gas-strut pressure release system offers the very best in break back protection. Both the gas-strut and hydraulic break back legs have a fast-acting auto-reset function which allows the legs to reset fully without the need for operator input.
Mixing Discs
The disc unit features two rows of 500mm concave serrated discs. The two rows work the soil in opposite directions leaving a fine tilth. Each disc is individually mounted on the frame and features a rubber shock absorber for increased durability and low maintenance.
Standard Packer Roller
The 600mm Standard Packer Roller is a heavy duty packer designed to give a flat compact finish.
The Ridge Packer Roller
The Ridge Packer Roller comes in two sizes, 600mm and 800mm designed to give the best possible finish for all conditions. 71mm ridges on the roller give a high quality compacted finish creating a perfect seedbed after just one pass.
Guttler Roller
The McConnel Discaerator also comes with the option of a Guttler Simplex 56 Roller. The 600mm roller is designed to create a quality seedbed without destroying the soil stucture.
Leg Design
The unique design of McConnel Shakaerator legs do not mix subsoil with top-soil, but heave and aerate the soil. Conventional cultivator legs turn the soil and bring unwanted subsoil to the surface

Slim Profile Legs
Slim profile shanks slice through the soil like the prow of a ship which reduce draught Conventional square shanks cause excess draught and increase horsepower requirements.
Leg Configuration
All McConnel Shakaerators can be fitted with different leg configurations to suit soil types and tractor horsepower Closer spacing of legs reduces draught as each shank helps its neighbour
Choice Of Points
The McConnel Discaerator comes with a choice of standard or wide delta points, both available as slip on or knock on. The Delta point is a wider point giving a bigger heave when in use.

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