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DISCFLO Pumps: Providing High Reliability, Extremely Long Life, and Peace of Mind pumping for various industries including municipal, phosphate, pulp and paper, food, power generation, waste resources, and general industry is our specialty.

GPi has many years experience in solving 'high maintenance' pump problems for our customers. Discover how Gerber Pumps can help you  with your 'hard to pump' fluids and sludge.

You purchase 'Peace of Mind' when you install a DISCFLO pump. From the outside they look like very robust end suction centrifugal slurry pumps in that they rotate as a standard centrifugal pump. However, internally, the unique and worldwide patented “discpac” design makes all the difference in performance of the Discflo pumps. The 'Boundary Layer / Viscous Drag' pumping principles allow Discflo pumps to handle extremely abrasive and viscous- abrasive slurries and sludges with 'Low-to-No' maintenance. Additionally, the pumped product is transferred in the most delicate and gentle manner due to Discflo's laminar flow 'pull through' pumping principle. Discflo pumps exhibit the Simplicity of Centrifugal pumps with the Solids Handling capabilities of Positive Displacement pumps.'

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