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Unrivalled work quality. Performance, comfort and ease of handling. In the mid 1990s, we were looking for solutions to optimise the amortisation of our harvesting machines, and in 1996 we bought our first PELLENC multifunction carrier. We were so satisfactied that we now own 35 PELLENC carriers, each of which do pre-pruning, spreading, leaf stripping, spraying and harvesting work. Our carriers accomplish 800 h of work per year on average, our investments were quickly amortised. This type of optimal operating rate is achieved by the simple and quick change of tools, which allows us to respond very quickly when it comes to the needs of our customers.

Our drivers operate PELLENC carriers all year long in the field. They have perfectly mastered its operation and settings, which means the work gets done fast and the quality is very good! Using a carrier to perform all types of vineyard work also allows us to ensure the sustainability of our customers’ blocks. The large wheels of our carriers drive in the middle of the row, limiting root compaction at the foot of the plant.


PELLENC designs and manufactures all of its multifunction tools
  • Multifunction Kit
  • MULTIVITI tools
  • Pulvé
  • Multifunction tool carrier

Reduces fuel consumption by up to 43 % per hectare. 1 day’s work without having to refuel: 190-260 L tank. Work on up to six rows at a time.

The only carrier with multifunction road approval

Designed for quick and comfortable travel on the road. EASY CONNECT ultra-quick hydraulic and electrical connections.

PELLENC warranty

One exclusive contact for all your equipment, carriers, and tools.


Unique architecture

The PELLENC teams designed the OPTIMUM carrier taking into consideration the needs of multifunction work. It offers excellent performance with all PELLENC tools.
OPTIMUM provides unmatched manoeuvrability in headland.

The most compact carrier on the market

In use, the small size of the PELLENC OPTIMUM carrier offers:

  • Fast and safe working conditions in all types of vineyards, even narrow ones.
  • Work on slopes of up to 32 % (depending on the model).
  • Easier road driving.
Protect your vines on a long term basis

Root compaction limited => cm ² pressure identical to that of an in-row tract:

  • Wheels in the centre of the row. (2)
  • Tools are at the centre of the machine.
  • Alignment of the front/rear wheels.
  • The most well-balanced carrier on the market: 50/50 weight distribution front to back and left to right.
Perform all types of work in the vineyard

Carry out soil maintenance with the Multifunction tool carrier

Work on two rows at the same time. Practical: automatically adapts to the planting width. Economic: works the soil faster than with a tractor. The fact that you can attach any type of soil maintenance tool makes it practical.

Pre-prune with Disco

Average work speed: 5 km/h, even in dense vegetation. Extra-strong boron steel disks (no sharpening needed). Automatic opening around posts thanks to the artificial vision system (optional). Cuts vine shoots cleanly.

Harvest with the Optimum harvesting head

Complete range: a harvesting head that is perfect for your vineyard. High working speed. Quality harvesting and optimised sorting.

Pre-prune with Visio

Power and speed, both day and night. Working speed of up to 8 km/h. Pradines Blades: offering the same quality as with the pruning shears. Automatic opening around posts thanks to the artificial vision system (optional). Cordon tracking (optional).

Pruning with the TRP (Precision Pruner)
Reduce pruning costs and time without fatigue. Working speed: up to 3 km/h, both day or night. Up to 90 % less time spent pruning. Automatic cordon tracker by Visio. Unmatched operator comfort. Cutting quality.

Spray with EOLE 2

Spraying is completed in no time. Spray 3 to 6 rows all at once, for both narrow and wide vines. Maximise the effectiveness of your spray treatments with the help of on carrier pneumatic or air jet diffusers. 2,000 L tank volume. Flow-rate directly proportional to ground-speed (Débit Proportionnel à l’Avancement (DPA)). Work laterally or from above.

Trellis with PELLENC
Lift, trim and trellis all at once. Working speed: 4 to 5 km/h. An essential tool for vines with dense canopies. A canopy that is homogeneous, resistant, and comparable to that of manual work. A wide range of environmentally friendly ties.

Leaf remover
Result are identical to manual stripping, and it is simple and quick. Can be used in all vineyards. Reduced maintenance cost. Low fuel consumption, with reduced power requirements. High forward speed. Automatically follows the trellising with the sensors: protects berries and foliage. Automatic safety device activation. Cantilever and reduced weight.

Spreading with TWIN BOX
Fast and accurate work. Multi-purpose: Spread manure, compost, fertilizers, soil and pulverulent products. Box volume of 3.4 m3: Less time on the road, and more time in the vineyard.

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