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It's more than a chisel plow. The DiskChisel is the ultimate tillage tool for mixing residue and breaking compaction. Featuring a front row of individually hub-mounted disk blades followed by four ranks of chisel shanks and a 4-bar harrow, it’s an ideal fit for many fall tillage programs.

Disk Blades

The 22-inch smooth blades with standard or low concavity are individually hub-mounted. They provide a high level of residue mixing in front of the chisel shanks and harrow sections.

Adjustable Disk Depth

Adjust your tillage aggressiveness on the go by hydraulically raising or lowering the front disks from the cab. This feature allows disk depth to be adjusted independently of the chisel shanks.

Chisel Shanks

With a 6-inch pivot width, each chisel shank is formed “on edge” to reduce draft and improve residue flow. The shanks are spaced on 12-inch centers and offer more than 34 inches of frame-to-sweep tip clearance. They have a maximum tillage depth of 12 inches and a 15-inch trip travel.

Aggressive Springs

The aggressive springs help the sweeps maintain preset depth levels for consistent results. They come with a standard trip pressure of 1,000 pounds to help minimize damage from large rocks or other obstructions.


16- to 28-foot DiskChisels come equipped with a hydraulic hitch, which is adjustable from the tractor cab. 32- to 40-foot DiskChisels come standard with a floating hitch and front caster wheels, allowing these wider units to operate at a consistent depth and follow ground contours better.

Rear Hitch

The long-reach rear hitch for auxiliary trailering features an extendable swinging tongue for easy hook-up.

Mounted Harrows

The standard 4-bar mounted harrows can be adjusted for deep or shallow penetration. They feature a heavy, yet flexible design for floating over rocks and deep ditches.

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