Model Disko - Subsoilers



The Hatzenbichler subsoilers are known for their strong construction. This is achieved through a special way of construction. The square tubes used are not welded together, like this more load can be put on to the square tubing without being broken or deformed.

The Hatzenbichler 'Disko' are a disc combination.

The working widths are from 3m to 6m.

Correct ratio of disc size to angle of attack and angle of tilt to disc seperation.

Stable tubular mainframe with 80x80 tubing.

Stable construction, giving the best soil entry even in the most difficult ground conditions.

Obliquely positioned concave discs with diameter 540mm, with ball bearings.

Discs are with rubber bearings (overload protection). It also have sideway limiting discs, there are no overthrow.

Simultaneous sowing of green cover when turing stubble with pneumatically 'Air 8'.

The machine make intensive mixing of plant remains with the soil.

Circumstances of use are wedge ring roller, diameter 600mm or
Farmflex roller
, diameter 390mm, for perfekt finish.


  • 3 Point or semi mounted hitch
  • a stable form base Frame (form tube 80x80)
  • up to 4,00m working width hydraulically-folding
  • obliquely, hollow ball-bearing discs, Diameter=540mm
  • storage of rubber washers (overload protection)
  • lateral boundary slices (no over throwing)
  • different roller types:
    • wedge ring, diameter = 600mm
    • Farmfles roller, diameter = 387mm
    • Staff, diameter = 420mm


  • hydr. rear lifting device
  • attachment for pneumatic seed drill
  • comb harrow
  • semi-mounted instead of 3 Point hitch

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