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Thirty years of Ditch Bucket design at your disposal. We offer all types, styles and sizes: single radius, dual radius, flat bottom, round bottom, pin on, QC, horizontal straps, vertical straps, teeth, bolt-on edges, call us...

Ditch Bucket

  • Performs moderate duty ditch cleaning, grading and bailing applications.
  • Optional weld-on Cutting Edge.

Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Easy dumping of clay and other sticky soils.
  • Optional Bolt-on edge.
  • Optional Lifting Loop.

Ditch Bucket

  • AR 400 Steel on wearing parts.
  • Optional wed-on Re-pointer Bar or bolt-on edge.
  • Built for all machines with or without pin grabbers.

Ditch Bucket

  • Performs light to moderate duty ditch cleaning, grading and brush clearing applications.
  • Built with wear straps for durability.

Ditch Bucket (Stealth QC Option)

  • Designs for all series of Nye stealth couplers.
  • Excellent for use on land clearing, slope work, ditching, backfilling, grading, etc.

12t. Ditch Bucket

  • Typical single radius round bottom design.
  • Easy fill and dump.
  • Short pin to point radius for maximum breakout force.

40t. Ditch Bucket

  • Typical flat bottom design with BOE. (bolt-on edge)
  • Designed to fully meet customer's specifications.

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