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- Model Zee1 1942 - Riding Mowers

Just because you don’t mow grass for a living doesn’t mean you should compromise quality. The Dixie Chopper Zee 1 series of mowers is the right fit for any residential home owner. With a more compact design, the Zee 1 fits in those tight residential areas, but is fast enough to knock out over two acres per hour! Dixie Chopper has always been the king of commercial mowing, and now you can be the king of your own yard. Stop push mowing or using that clumsy old riding mower and cut your mowing time in half with a Zee 1 from Dixie Chopper.

  • The Zee 1 is powered with an Intek™ series engine from Briggs & Stratton®. With horsepower options up to 23HP , the Zee 1 packs plenty of power for any residential lawn.
  • The rugged Zee 1 comes equipped with heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® transaxles. The transaxles provide smooth and quick operation with effortless maneuverability.
  • The ELITE Cutting System is a triple blade deck that produces high vacuum for all varieties of grass in any condition. With high blade tip speeds and a 1.75” blade overlap, the ELITE Cutting System leaves a manicured cut time after time.
  • Rugged steel fenders provide years of protection versus the plastic found on many competitive models in this price range.
  • Deck height adjustment with seven positions from 1 1/2' to 4 4 1/2' for accurate and easy-to-adjust mowing height settings.

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