Model DM -3,2, DM - 4 - Disc Mulcher (DM)



Disc mulcher (DM) is a multipurpose aggregate. DM can work on all soil types with maximum soil moisture 35%, maximum surface slope 10° and maximum soil penetration resistance 3,5 MPa.Dm is designed for traditional and minimal basic tillage and preparation of soil for sowing of grain crops, industrial crops and forage crops, reconditioning of turf-covered meadows and skimming.In one pass disc mulcher produces pulverization and incorporation of plant residues and weeds, creates loosened and balanced layer and incorporates introduced fertilizers.

Each disc is located on individual axis. At the same time disc functions as ploughshare and mould board, which contributes to good turn of the cut layer, its crumble, and reduction of tractor’s pulling force. The mulcher doesn't have disk gangs on one axis, which allows working in high air humidity conditions on fields with large amount of afterharvesting residues of thick-stemmed crops as well as on derelict weedy fields and prevents reeling of plant residues on the axis and clogging of the inter-disk space.

The system of spring suspension of the cutting unit allows working on soils with increased humidity and inclusion of stones. At the same time disc avoids obstacles, making low frequency oscillatory motions, which promotes self-cleaning of disc from stuck dirt and plant remnants.

At mulcher’ work with a speed of 12-15 km/h, in a zone of rotation of discs there is an intensive crushing of the cut layer of soil and its mixing with crushed residues. As a result of this in inter-disk space the effect of air transfer of a layer of soil is created at which soil particles are subject to constant impact loads against rotating disks of cutting units. On a soil surface on a depth of tillage is formed a mulch, consisting of clods of soil with diameter of 25 mm with inclusion of plant rests.

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