- Batch System

A Design III Stir-Ator turns any drying bin into a self-contained drying and storage system.  With a Stir-Ator in your bin, you have wet holding, drying and storage all in the same unit.  The bin can be filled with the Stir-Ator running to stir the grain and insure the maximum amount of drying can be pushed through the grain to increase drying capacity.  A complete bin full of grain can be dried in one filling with this method.  While this method is not the fastest, it is efficient and maintains some of the highest grain quality of all drying systems.  A Stir-Ator decreases static pressure by fluffing or loosening grain to allow maximum airflow.

Grain is mixed so it dries faster, thus avoiding the problem of over drying bottom layers of grain while the top layers are still wet.  When all the grain is dry, a Design III Stir-Ator equipped bin can be used for storage.  Periodic running of a Stir-Ator (with or without aeration) helps prevent grain spoilage and damage when storing grain over a long period of time.

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