DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii)

- Model 22m & 32m - Satellite Imagery



DMCii delivers responsive high resolution Earth imaging services from coordinated satellites of the international DMC Constellation. We specialise in rapid programmed campaigns to meet your needs for up-to-date imagery.

  • Multiple satellites with identical sensors
  • Daily revisit capability
  • Global coverage
  • Wide swath imagery (650km)
  • Image size adjustable to your area of interest
  • 22m spatial resolution (GSD)
  • 3 Spectral bands (R, G, NIR)
  • Radiometric calibration to Landsat 7 (± 1%)
  • Large daily collection capacity
  • Direct reception service
  • Priority 24/7 service

  • Countries, regions, continents rapidly covered
  • Cost effective monitoring tool
  • Timely image collection within short acquisition windows
  • Ideal for precision agriculture, forest mapping, land cover, disaster monitoring classification, change detection
  • Rapid delivery of the data (priority service 2 hours from acquisition)
  • A simple to use and accessible online archive of available data

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