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The dmt loop mixers are used in modern process engineering with continuous in-line production processes. This modern and innovative mixing technology opens up new horizons in making continuous production processes more efficient and cost-effective. Flexibility in the application of these mixers significantly reduces the risk of investment. It allows for problem-free transition between different mixing operations. By simply exchanging dispersion tools, the dmt loop mixer is immediately equipped for new tasks. Market-driven product modifications thus no longer make buying a new mixer necessary in many cases.

Loop mixers are best suited for the basic mechanical and thermal operations listed below:

  • Mixing
  • Emulsifying
  • Dispersing
  • Suspending
  • Homogenising
  • Foaming
  • Dissolving
  • Warming


Operating principle of the dmt loop mixer – Static
Static loop mixers are designed for mixing low-viscosity products. The mixing energy is introduced using an external organ (such as a pump). The materials to be mixed are introduced through a nozzle that is specially adapted to the properties of the product.

Intensive mixing occurs here with operator-controlled continuous recirculation. The nozzle constantly introduces new mixing substance, which is then mixed in with the circulating product.

The mixed product exits the static loop mixer though the outlet pipe of the centrosymmetrical collector.


Operating principle of the dmt loop mixer – Dynamic
Dynamic loop mixers are designed for the mixing of high-viscosity products. They are equipped with their own variable speed conveyor element, generally with a screw conveyor. The mixing ingredients are loaded into the mixing chamber, for example using metering pumps. The required mixing and circulation energy is supplied by the conveyor element, which is built into the mixing chamber and which can be fitted with various dispersion tools on the upper shaft end. The dispersion tools are designed to produce the desired mix result.

By changing the circulation speed and the mixer flow rate, the mixing parameters can be adapted to optimally meet any requirements. The mixed product exits the mixer though the outlet pipe of the centrosymmetrical collector.


The dmt loop mixer for simple mixing tasks.
The dmt loop mixer is designed for minimum shear load, even with constantly circulating contents.

It is also suited for mixing lumpy contents.

Its large outlet pipe openings allow for applications in the dairy and food industries, including the manufacture of mixed dairy products with pieces of fruit, flavourings, colourings, fermentation and other processes.

All dmt loop mixers can be easily cleaned without disassembling, using conventional CIP cleaning processes. Depending on the sealing material used, they can be sterilised with steam up to 140 ºC.

Standard model: 1.4571 stainless steel casing, Viton seals, glide ring seals made of SiC/SiC

All mixers can be supplied with a heating or cooling jacket. The MD series can be equipped with a steam ring insert made of PTFE for direct steam injection.

All types of connections are available.
Flange: connections comply with DIN 11851, SMS, IDF, etc.


The dmt loop mixer for extreme tasks, with even more flexibility in application.
For products requiring the application of very high shearing forces, a dynamic loop mixer is available with a separately driven dispersion tool.

Because of its extraordinary flexibility, this system is also especially well-suited for research and development work.

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