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Doble Slope Net System


If yuo plant this kind of net hail bounces on it and slowly flows down the centre of contiguous net system; these nets keep stretched obliquely and longitudinally in steep slope. For this reason it's useful the installation of a solid structure which allows the permanent tension of net, consisted of a framework of prestressed concrete wires and piles which are good planted on ground.

Designer try always to better the efficiency and praticalness of nets to screen plants; for example:

  • The elimination of head pipes, replaced by the techniqued knot on head pile, or by the use of net tightener forks to screen also head plants;
  • The use of smaller piles to bring down the net, and the elimination of slope wire;
  • The campling of net to avoid the moving;
  • The addition of net bands called 'miniskirt' to screen the low part of plant;
  • The thickening of small plates between nets.

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