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- Tree Trimmer



With the Tree Trimmer technology, felling trees and clearing work on roadsides and enclosed areas becomes much easier. The DOLL vehicle is an efficient solution that guarantees safe and fast work on highways, in inner city areas and close to motorways.

The Tree Trimmer's basis is a 3-axle chassis. Furthermore, the vehicle disposes s of a hydraulic telescopic arm with a special felling head with gripper and saw attached to the end. 

The innovation in tree felling guarantees safe felling and lowering of the timber due to controlled lifting and lowering movements of the crane arm with side pivot and cardanic rotation function. 

Telescopic arm:
  • Maximum vertical range: 24 m
  • Maximum horizontal range: 21 m
  • Maximum load at full telescopic extension: 2 t
  • Felling head with 240° rotation
  • Swivel-area: 80° upwards, 55° downwards 

When felling, the tree trunk is initially gripped with the gripper on the felling head. The claw can easily grab trunks with a diameter of up to a metre. After fixing the timber, the trunk is accurately sawn with the help of the saw integrated in the gripper. Due to the manoeuvrability of the telescopic arm, the timber can be safely lowered into the required position where the felled trunk can be cut down without any risk and transported away. 

Thanks to the complete process chain, a large number of trees can be reliably removed within a remarkably short time; the technology of the Tree Trimmer thereby guarantees an effective and highly efficient working method.

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