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Model Dominator - Wide Area Mower

The Dominator Compact series of Wide-area hydraulic folding all gear drive mowers are a new generation mower with specially ‘timed’ blade rotors to enable a compact mower front to back but not compromising on the width of cut!. Dominator has an unparalleled hydraulic wing float whilst still retaining 100% drive. Well over 15 -20 degree wing float during operation and a compact transport width (of under 2.1m on a GMF360) provides a great solution for transportation.

The Dominator Series are a unique modular build system that allows for a combination of different components to suit a wide range of mowing applications such as:
Sports fields and stadiums, crop stubble mulching, Pasture and paddock topping. Airports, airfields and runways, parkland areas and set-aside reserves, rough and heavy mowing set aside areas, topping pastures in large farms and stations, Fine cutting mowing on large rolling undulating turf or turf farms.
The Dominator GMF360-R (pictured above) is just one of many set up configurations available and is designed in a modular style CAD system in order to be able offer a huge range of set up options to suit multiple mowing conditions such as:
Roller kits on all mowing decks
Trailing swivel front or rear wheels
3 point linkage mounted or trailed version
Wheels & anti-scalping skids combination
Slasher blades for general purpose
Fine cutting Tips (Gold-Tips) for fine mowing
Mulching blades for heavy mowing, mulching etc
Dominator W.A.M Wing hinge system allows unparalleled ground contour following without scalping as well as allowing the ability to mow in soft, unstable and wet conditions Fieldmaster’s tested and proven and reliable gear-drive transmission system is designed to withstand shock loadings with incorporated anti-shock flex couplings and clutches.

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