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- Model Line - Mais - Maize Headers


OUR FIFTY-YEARS OLD experience let us propose you an extremely functional strong and light machine.THE LOW PROFILE alows an harvest penetration level very dose to *he ground by warranting a perfect corn harvest even in painfu conditions.THE ROLLERS they have a great diameter (130 mm) and they are supported ahead with the possibility of adjusting the axle between them. They can be made by five ribs made harder thanks to the use of a wear resistant material, or by four changeable knives.

  • DECK PLATES can be electrically or hydraulically adjusted from the driving seat.
  • THE COLLECTION CHAIN TENDERS are self-setting and  self-cleaning.
  • CHANGEABLE ANCHORAGE let you put the corn header on whatever kind of harvesting and mincing machines.
  • THE CLOSING AND THE OPENING of frame can be checked directly from driving seat and it uses a self-locking hook.
  • STALK-CRUSHER (optional) in order to avoid any laceration of tyres.
  • SUNFLOWER KIT (optional) simple and easy to assemble.
  • LATERAL CONICAL AUGERS (optional) they are necessary for collecting laid down and tangled corn.
  • THE GREASING (optional) by oil bath transmission chains.
  • GAUGE (optional) allows to check the opening of deck plates.
  • STALK KNIVES (optional) they have a big diameter, they absorb low power and they are directly put under harvesting rollers by assuring a complete chopping and a great collection speed. They can be
  • easily disconnected from cob harvesting elements.

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