- Decorative Larch Bark



Use; Hoe the soil down to a depth of at least 10 cm. Remove all weeds and their roots. Spread the bark over the surface to be treaded with mulch, maintaining a uniform thickness of at least 6-7 cm.

Natural organic soil conditioner – Plain non-composted vegetable conditioner:

  • PH 6-8,5
  • Humidity max. 50%
  • Organic carbon ©* d.s. min 40%
  • Organic nitrogen (N) d.s. min 85% of total nitrogen
  • Total copper (Cu) d.s. min 230**p.p.m
  • Total zinc (Zn) d.s. min 500**p.p.m
  • Sanity 4,7 *** meq./100g

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