- Double-Wheel Rotary Ditchers


'Dondi' double-wheel rotary ditchers  offer the highest level of technology and performance for digging and maintaining drainage and irrigation ditches. They can be used on any wheeled tractor with creeper speeds of 1/4 - 1/2 mph (0.4 - 0.8 kmh) for digging new ditches, while a higher advancement speed of up to 1 mph ( 1.6 kmh) can be used for simple maintenance work. The standard digging angle is 32°, and digging angles of 18°, 20°, 23°, 28°, and 30° are available on request in order to adapt to different types of soil and various working conditions.

    A new ditch is dug in one or more passes, depending on the soil compaction and tractor power PTO-HP. The excavated soil is distributed evenly on both sides. On request, or form two lateral embankments. The working depth is adjusted by the hydraulic lift of the tractor.  

  • Dondi Double-Wheel-Rotary-Ditcher is by far the best ditching tool available for opening new drainage and irrigation ditches and for reopening and maintaining existing ones.
  • Connected to a 3 point hitch Cat. I-II tractor with creeper transmission
  • Will advance at 1/4 mph (0.4 kph) to 1/2 mph (.08 kph) for digging new ditches Higher working speeds can be delivered on cleaning operations.
  • New ditches are cut in two or more passes, depending on soil conditions, tractor power and depth of cut.  Standard models are the DBR Series, such as DBR-65, 75 and 95 at 32 degrees cutting angles, at 540 and 1000 PTO-RPM.
  • By request, cutter heads at 18, 23, 35 and 42 degrees are deliverable.
  • Rotors with carbide cutters are available on request.
  • Ditched soil will disperse to either side of ditch banks, however, by closing down the dirt deflectors, soil can be windrowed on one or both sides of the ditch banks.
  • Waterproof models for marshlands, swamps and mosquito control applications are available with stainless steel deflectors, skid and hardware.
Optional Features:
  • Rear Transport wheel
  • Hydraulic deflector control

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