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The Pacco scores points thanks to its very simple design, easy operation, and reliable technology. Technical characteristics, such as a synchronized reversing transmission (8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears), two power takeoff speeds, all-wheel drive, two double-action control units, etc., are standard with the Pacco. Easy-to-start 3 and 4-cylinder engines with large displacement lend the Pacco strength and durability. Mass production technology without the use of electronic on components forms the basis for reliability.

Conclusion: High durability with simple technology and good driving comfort make the Pacco a powerhouse among small tractors.     

Thanks to collaborating with leading European agricultural engineering manufacturers, such as STOLL (front loaders), NAGLAK (cabs), Scharmüller (trailer couplings), and ZUIDBERG (front hydraulic systems), our Pacco model series tractors are designed for universal use and are of growing interest for professional use. The innovative collaboration with renowned suppliers from the tractor sector emphasizes the value of the tractor and greatly extends its range of possible applications.

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