Model DO - Power Harrow



5 models are available: 3m - 3,5m - 4m - 4,5m - 5m The main characteristics of this power harrow are aggressiveness, reliability and economy. It has been conceived to fulfil the big farmers and contractors demands. It can work on heavy, clayey and hilly soils. A strong structure, oil-bath transmission, 2-speed gearbox with lever, Tineholder with bolt safety protection in one single piece; Knifeteeth operating optimum soil cut are the proof of a constant Euroclass 21 involvement in the agricultural field.

Roller quick-release
Mobile and adjustable side protection. 
Tinesholder with protection.
Front or rear clod smashing bar.
1000 RPM PTO.
Cardan with clutch.
Rear PTO.
A wide range of rollers: Paker Ø 470 - 510; 560, Smooth 406; Cage with 12 tubes, Spiral, Spike, Net 
Tool bar for soil loosener tines. 

Pair of soil loosener tines.
Hydraulic linkage.
Rams for roller adjustment.

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