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Dosatron Fertigation Pumps

Dosatron dosing pumps are renowned the world over for their reliability, efficiency and usefulness in the field. Dosatron pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications. Agro Vision Biotech Consultants Consultant has found them to be invaluable in agricultural projects especially in hydroponics projects. The biggest challenge that hydroponics farmers face is the precise and reliable release of micro-nutrients and antibiotics into the liquid medium. The conventional technology requires the use of cumbersome pumps, control panels, and complicated settings. The dependence of conventional dosing systems on electrical motors makes them power-dependent. This leads to many problems.

First of all, when the power goes down, so does the dosing system – completely! This means that the crop is starved of vital nutrition and health protection chemicals – there is no need to describe the damage that that can do; the vitality of the entire crop is damaged beyond repair. Installing a heavy-duty always-on uninterruptible power supply is an expensive way to solve that problem. Apart from the huge cost of adding an UPS to protect the dosing system, there is an even bigger problem – what if the UPS itself fails?

Second, the power supply might suffer from disturbances like over- and under-voltage crises. The dosing system must be protected from such crises by installing heavy duty power conditioners – another big costly addition. And what if the power conditioner itself fails? 

Thirdly, variations in the electric power can cause fluctuations in the pressure of the water flow. These fluctuations can easily upset the dosage of the nutrients and antibiotics – thus invalidating the entire exercise of using a dosing system. To overcome the effect of water pressure fluctuations on the dosage, dosing systems resort to all sorts of contortions and devices – not all of them are reliable, and/or successful. And these contortions are what make these dosing systems so expensive in the first place and so finicky in the second.

Fourthly, dosing systems using electrical motors are prone to failure like motor short-circuits, wiring short-circuits, winding burn-outs, bush/bearing wear-out, and so on and so forth…

All these points make the use of conventional dosing systems all but archaic.

The Dosatron dosing system is unique and intelligent by design! These self-contained, self-sufficient devices are a marvel of French ingenuity and engineering. 

These are almost zero-maintenance devices – an annual replacement of seals is almost the only maintenance procedure recommended by the company!

The Dosatron pumps are very easy to install – being engineered from high-strength industrial-grade plastic, the devices are light and easy to handle. No grunt-and-groan brawn work is required to install these tough but lightweight devices.

Best of all, the Dosatron pump does not work on electricity!

These pumps are self-powered from the water flowing through the device. That’s all! The flow of water is sufficient to operate the Dosatron device efficiently, reliably, all the time. And there are no additional electricity bills to pay.

The settings are fool-proof and easy to operate. There is no need to use a control panel with delicate settings that are difficult to understand and operate. The Dosatron device is designed to be operable by the layman with a minimum of guesswork. That’s a superb example of French elegance in engineering!

Dosatron devices are rugged, reliable, economical, and the best and highest value for money. 

All in all, the Dosatron dosing system is the one and only solution for hydroponics projects.

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