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Doser is a device specially designedby Goizper for applying liquids in adosified way.8 position 10-75 ml (cc.).adjustable doser. Quick, Easy and Effortless Calibration. Translucent side level indicator.Ergonomic knapsack doser. Adjustable padded strap.

  • Effective and uniformtreatments.
  • Product savings.
  • Quick and ergonomic.
  • Reduces the impact on the environment.

  • Flexibility of a manual tool whichallows targeted treatments dependingon the crops.
  • Adjustable dosing with 8 fixed positions between 10 and 75 ml. (cc.).
  • Complete emptying of the PressureChamber.
  • Easy calibration and maintenance.
  • Can be converted into a Sprayer.
  • Accessories to adapt the equipment tocrop requirements.

Fruit, Vegetables, Nurseries, Coffee, Banana tree, Oil palm, Tobacco, etc.

  • Spot treatments
  • In soils
  • At height
  • Trap refilling

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