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- Model LVX - Central Distributor for Liquid Manure Spreading



The central distribution system with maximum precision and numerous possible configurations. The DosiMat LVC has up to 60 outlets, hose diameters up to DN60 and unmatched precision when distributing liquid manure. It can be used wherever you want a single distributor and need to spread large quantities of liquid manure through a few hoses, for example, or if the aim is to enable an unusually large number of outlets on just one centralised distribution system. Thanks to its many variants, DosiMat LVX is perfect for liquid manure injectors, slot cutters and grubbers, or for retrofitting disc harrows.

Precise spreading is essential if liquid manure is to be used as a recyclable material. With a lateral distribution accuracy of up to 5 percent, the DosiMat LVX cannot be outdone.

Rotor quick-change system
A rotor with multiple blades spreads the liquid manure and cuts the fibrous matter. To change the cutting blades affixed to the rotor, you can quickly loosen the rotor via the central latch and remove it from the distributor.

Keeping an eye on leakage
The DosiMat LVX has a double sealing system. In addition to this, the precision distributor has a facility for quickly checking for any leakage visually – an added bonus that increases operational readiness and improves operational safety.

Safety switch
The DosiMat LVX has a safety switch to prevent unintentional opening during operation.

Laser cut cutting blades
The cutting blades for the DosiMat LVX are hardened by lasers in a special process, increasing their cutting precision and lengthening their lifetime.

The principle behind high availability
The rotating cutting blades in the DosiMat LVX cut fibrous matter reliably and securely, keep the flow of liquid manure constant and reduce clogging to a minimum. The new cutting blade geometry in the DosiMat LVX and the use of an extremely wear-resistant steel enable up to 50% more service time.

DosiMat LVX variety
With more than 90 possible configurations, you will always find the right DosiMat LVX for any application. The following variants are available, depending on the size of the housing.

  • 5 to 60 hose outlets
  • Star rotors and straight rotors in 3 different widths
  • hose diametres from DN 40 to DN 60
  • various pot sizes

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