Dosing Device For Co-Ferments


Depending on the various quantities and the consistence of the co-ferments AWILA® offers pushing or traction systems or vertical mixers of different sizes which vary from 8 to 120 m³.


The all-round facility for maize and grass silage, dung, CCM and many other adhesive coferments is particularly suitable for material mixtures. The vertical screw conveyors, which are equipped with cutters, mix the material and press the enormous discharge quantity of 400 kg/min (24 to/h) through the variable outfeed slide.

The mass is then collected by the subsequent screw conveyor and transported away. The portions can be weighed in the container. The desired side-effect: especially short run times and the reliable avoidance of material bridges.

Two fermenters can be fed by one vertical mixer to provide an especially cost-efficient solution.

Agitating the coferments before feeding them into the fermenter considerably reduces the energy input as opposed to stirring the dilutive materials in the fermenter.


This variation uses the advantages which occur due to the special topography of ground level fermenters. 

A downwards-inclined transverse worm carries out the stop function.

The result: short routes and minimised energy requirements in the transport path.


As version for soil bunkers, steel structures or mobile storage system at ground level. Push and pull floors take up large quantities of maize silage and then transport it towards the discharge screw conveyor through forward and backward movements of the floor frames. Ground level or bunker versions enable easy filling, for example from HGVs. Steel versions enable capacities of between 20 and 60 m³. Double push floors with 2 x 40m³ are set up in an opposing manner and transport alternately onto a common discharge screw. Push floors in steel are weighable and require only minor on-site expenditure.

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