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Double Disc Drills



transmission that connects easily to the tractor three-point linkage system is mounted seed hydraulic machine. In addition to the machines used for the cultivation of seed grain and legume forage crops. (wheat, barley, oats, canola, alfalfa, vetch, peas, broom, peas, onions, spinach ..) a uniform flow rate through the mixer located in the seed and fertilizer reservoir. Infinte due to the low amount of (100g) high amounts (60 kg) beat seeds are provided. Practice test cap thanks to the amount of seeds can be made before October ayarlanabilir.örtüc harrow hydraulic folding system. Double disc cultivator feet, where more than kullanılmalıdır.çift handle in the field behind the coulter pressure wheel disc can be fitted.  This edition wheels, apply pressure on the falling seeds.

Four soil swelling in the feet Machine feet are available in this is to ensure a more comfortable planting to soften the soil by crushing the tractor wheels.

Planting depth depth adjustment can be done through the wick, but optionally can be done by attaching the hydraulic piston.

Depending on the practical attached to the crankshaft in double or single-piston machines mevcuttur.isteg marker sleeves can be installed.

optionally fully automatic marking systems for machinery, electric izbrak systems and will be fitted dekarölç.

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