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- Double-Run Grain Conveyor



A Double-Run Conveyor can replace a roof auger, transfer auger, dryer take-away auger and even a permanently-installed transport auger. The design of the Sukup Double-Run Conveyor is compact and it operates smoothly and quietly, with minimum maintenance. The Sukup Double-Run Conveyor causes less grain damage than a portable auger and is more efficient and economical than augers of similar capacity and length. A Double-Run Conveyor is also very easy to install in any operation.

  • Longer life than an auger.
  • Gentler on grain than augers.
  • Requires less horsepower than an auger.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Double-Run Conveyor runs can be longer than an auger.
  • Double-Run Conveyors can be set at up to a 60o incline.
  • Set-up time for a Sukup Double-Run Conveyor is about half that of other companies because the paddles come pre-attached to the chain.
  • UHMW paddles eliminate steel-to-steel contact.
  • Corrosion-resistant Acme thread take-up screws at head.

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