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- Dribble Hose System



Ingenious concept for minimum weight and working width of 36 metres. On the first pass, the DoubleSwing is completed extended and the fertiliser is spread in the outer area, for example. On the next pass along the traffic lane with the DoubleSwing retracted, the inner 18 metres are worked. This principle makes it possible to use the normal traffic lane width. This avoids the need to drive over crops, as is necessary with working widths of less than 36 metres, with the resulting negative impact on growth. Furthermore, DoubleSwing makes it possible to use small tanks together with large working widths. This also reduces pressure on the soil and the lower traction force required to pull the equipment also means that smaller tractors can be used for spreading.

  • ideal for long arable sections
  • can be retrofitted to nearly all tankers
  • available in working widths of 27 m, 30 m and 36 m

  • 36 metres working width
  • initial pass: 1 to 9 and 27 to 26 metres
  • secon dpass: 10 to 26 metres working width
  • maximum spreading accuracy thanks to double symmetrical hose layout
  • two ExaCut precision distributors
  • TeleShift
  • DropStop
  • transport position above mudguard
  • remote releasing and folding of booms
  • oscillation compensator, passive
  • installation with 4-point fitting
  • compact installation on vehicle - including on tandem tanks
  • completely pre-installed in factory
  • TeleShift behind avoids ovrhang when in transport position

  • CFC for selective hose switch-off
  • deposit hoses in DN50
  • partial width switch-off

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