- Model 19 and 28 - Semi Transporter Trailer


Transporter of the straw DOZAN is semi-trailer designed to transport of straw from the stack and store mostly into the stables. It is equipped with a hydraulic loader forself-loading or unloading. Semi Trailer 19 has the volume of bucket  19 m3, the loader has a maximum load with extended arm 280 kg. Trailer size 28 has basic volume  of bucket  19 m3,  but the pop side and rear extensionscan increase the volume up to 28 m3. It features a more powerful loader.

Which has load capacity with extended arm 475 kg, which allows even load packages. It has sprung tandem axle and it is designed for maximum speed of 40km per hour. Both sizes of the trailer are fitted with double rear doors and chainconveyor, which is powered by a hydraulic motor with the gearbox for easy unloading, or bedding to behind the trailer. Robust construction vehicles based on the proven concept of feeding and bedding trailers Kamzik,functional reliability is a guarantee for all year use of these machines in the most demanding conditions.

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