Model DP Series - Rotavators


The DP is designed for specialist work such as greenhouse and deep tillage due to its design and gearing the DP series is able ot cover any given area quicker and in doing so, reduce the emission of toxic fumes and particles substantially.

  • Gearbox: A fixed 100 hp rated gearbox 
  • Frame: A vibration absorbing box section frame of heavy steel further reinforced with a full length square tube
  • Blades/Tynes: Special tynes to allow deeper cultivation
  • Gears: High capacity (100 hp) gearing
  • Chain: Chain drive with automatic tensioner
  • Depth Guide: Adjustable removable depth guides

Operational Features

  • Faster than the previous DP series and ordinary rotavators thus reducing work time, fuel consumption and toxic emissions
  • Capable of handling upto 90% straw and manure without adverse results

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