- Plantform for Multi-Use Tool


DPM, Inc. does it again! The PlantForm by DPM is another multiple use tool that your business can't live without. A large 7' x 5' work platform that can be used with skid loaders or forklifts, the PlantForm will move a large amount of material in a short amount of time. Literally a portable loading dock, the PlantForm can move and place containerized material and smaller B&B. The PlantForm makes loading or unloading a truck a snap.

  • Large 7' x 5' workspace
  • Move large numbers of containers at once
  • Move smaller B&B stock
  • Load or unload trucks faster
  • Set and move containers in greenhouses faster
  • Padded treeguards to prevent damage to stock
  • Can be used will parallel forks

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