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Model DH6000 DH6003 - Hydraulich Rear Mowers



Bellon designs and manufactures mowers and mower-conditioners for diverse applications. The disc mowers can work in different types of soil and crops and are the best choice for hilly or uneven ground. They are available with either PTO or belt drive. Rear type mowers with hydraulic system and nitrogen accumulator are machines of newly developed technique intended to extend the range of Bellon products.
The goal is to further improve working conditions and consequently productivity: the times required for manual adjustments are optimized, thereby increasing the functionality of the mower. In addition to the different sizes of models DH6000, DH6003 and DH7000, you can choose the most suitable among those equipped with rubber roller hay conditioner DH6000GM, and DH6003GM DH7000GM or between those equipped with
flail conditioner, DH6000FL and DH7000FL.

The whole mechanical system of springs is eliminated and replaced by a nitrogen accumulator which reduces times of the manual regulations: now
it is necessary only loading the hydraulic circuit and to regulate it around 50 bars and you can start mowing. The mower will automatically
adapt it to the ground and the cut will result clean and regular.

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