Model DR26 - Band Dendrometer


For the measurement of short and long term changes in stem circumference, The DR26 Band Dendrometer is used to measure short and long term changes in stem circumference. The DR26 measures stems with a diameter greater than 8cm.The DR26 is a highly accurate dendrometer with a measurement resolution of 1μm (0.001mm) stem circumference change. The DR26 is IP-66 rated and is designed to measure stem changes over many years.The DR26 Band Dendrometer is a non-invasive measurement device attached to the stem with an inextensible stainless steel band.


  • Stand-alone logging
  • MicroSD expandable memory
  • Wireless connectivity and data transfer
  • Simple conversion and scripting
  • Flexible sensor calibration, look-up tables, and user scripts
  • 24-Bit resolution
  • IP68 rated water proof enclosure
  • Free Windows utility configuration software
  • Optional wireless logging via MCC1    

Power management

  • Field: solar power and 12V battery
  • Lab: main power supply
  • Internal Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Internal voltage regulation
  • Optical isolation lightening protection

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