Model DR2X - Double Disk Fertilizer Spreaders



The seriesDR2Xis a double disk machine with tipping hopper for a deep and complete cleaning. The “W” hopper line allows obtaining a constant and regular feeding of the distributor disks.

To avoid the problem of rusting caused by atmospheric agents and by chemical fertilizers, Stainless Steel is largely employed in all machines DR2X. In its basic version (DR2X-L) all parts most directly touching the fertilizer are in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 2b CERTIFICATE, while in the versionDR2X-LXa far wider number of components are in stainless steel (apart the frame in powdered coated steel and the aluminium gear box) to end with thePOSEIDON, completely in stainless steel (apart the aluminium gear box). Two independentcompensator leversallow the dosing cup setting so to place always in the most convenient point the fertilizer dropping on the underneath distributor disks to grant a regular and uniform spreading with any kind of fertilizer. The blades, of two different shapes bolted on  big diameter distributor disks, offer wide spreading width and uniformity. The special accuracy in the coating process (Powder Paint) of the steel implements grants a first rate result both functional and aesthetic.

4 different control systems are available to adjust the spread quantity:

    • Electronic control “Elektron System” which combines the D.P.A.E. system (spread rate related to travel speed) with the Calibration container one having 4 loading cells which form one unit with the machine frame.
    • “TroniK” electronic system
    • Remote control with two flexible hoses
    • Hydraulic control with 2 single acting cylinders

    All control systems allow spreading both full field and unilateral, right or left.

The Tipping Hopper, the Dosing equipments fully in stainless steel, the Compensator Levers, the P.T.O. shaft with couple limiter and many other standard accessories make this machine unique in its category. Moreover, a large range of options are available on demand. Among others: theGPS Speed Sensor, the Programming cable forIsobus 11786 system(forElektron System version), the Special Dosing Equipment for Pellet Organic Fertilizer and Chemical, the Border Spreading Limiter Device, the Feeding Conveyor, the Back light kit and the Parking wheels.

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