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The Dräger VarioLux examination light offers cool, highly efficient, and variable light intensity and was specially designed for use in neonatal intensive care settings. Made for single-handed operation, it features adjustable color settings as well as a dimmer function.

Gentle, effective, and efficient illumination
Until now, choosing an examination light suited for use in the neonatal intensive care unit has been a challenge. External stimuli such as the glare of lights can cause stress to neonates and especially premature babies. With the Drager VarioLux adjustable intensity LED examination light, you get the effective, efficient light you need without having to compromise on the special needs of your tiny patients.

Diagnostic color settings
The VarioLux examination light offers three different diagnostic color settings, each chosen to help you perform specific tasks. White (4100 K), blue (4700 K), and red (3500 K) can be selected at the touch of a button. While white light is used for general examination, blue light is helpful for identifying individual vessels and red light facilitates examination of the skin.

Silent operation means less stress on the Baby
Thanks to the LED technology, the VarioLux provides a cool beam of light which requires no active ventilation. This means that no additional noise is generated in an environment where caregivers are often hard-pressed to contain and reduce extraneous noise levels. Less noise means less stress on the babies.

Hands free for the patient
In a NICU, you need as many free hands as you can get. Ifs also vital to direct your full attention towards your tiny patient. The VarioLux features single-handed operation, letting you keep one hand free for your patient. The spring-loaded arm enables precise, stable, and practically effortless positioning. Once adjusted, the VarioLux remains safely and securely in position.

Adjustable intensity for sensitive patients
The intensity of the light beam produced by the VarioLux can be adjusted in five steps from 6,500 to 30,000 lux. The light produced by the LEDs is inherently cool. This helps you avoid unwanted additional thermal radiation and makes it easier for you to maintain the temperature of the baby's environment at a constant level.

Efficiency and durability for continuous use
LEDs generate light with a fraction of the energy required by most conventional light sources. Very little heat is generated, and their solid state design gives them extremely long-lasting life. The light source of the VarioLux was designed to provide quality illumination for up to 30,000 hours. These features make it a good choice for continuous, low-cost, and care-free illumination.

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