- Chopper System


Chopper System Designed Around Yield.'It is easy to add a chopping system to a corn head. What is hard is to place it so it does not affect yield, add horsepower, and increase trash.'

Drago Engineers have found these principals to be true.

- Rear mounting allows the ear to be harvested first, before stalk is chopped

- Rear mounted chopper eliminates full stalk being pulled into combine.

- Front mounted choppers increase head loss and challenge harvest of down corn

- Direct Drive from the Main Gear Box reduces horsepower.

- Direct Drive system 10 - 14% more efficient.

Drago's 'Yield first' design provides the best balance of maximized harvesting and quality chopping in both optimal and tough conditions. As welll as supplying more options for residue sizing.

Chopper maintence is quite simple. Drago knives have a tungsten carbide edge and are easily reversed. Installation and removal of gearbox is done with just four bolts and a gasket, minimizing replacement down time in the field.

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