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- Standard Detector Sensors


The Standard Draminski Mastitis Detector sensors detect and analyse minute changes in the electrical resistance of the cow's milk. Quality milk never fails the test whereas milk from a quarter with undetected mastitis will. Early detection of infections enables early treatment, preventing the risk of permanent damage to the udder.

  • Monitors your herd to ensure higher quality milk production
  • No chemicals required
  • Waterproof and Robust
  • Detects all sub clinical mastitis as well as clinical mastitis
  • Quick on the spot testing!

  • The Mastitis Detector's sensors detect and analyse minute changes occuring in the electrical resistance of a cow's milk.
  • A milk sample from a quarter infected with sub-clinical mastitis will have increased salt content, which results in lower resistence.
  • Quality milk never fails the test, whilst milk from a quarter with as yet invisible subclinical mastitis will.

Using this small, portable instrument is very simple:

  • Just  draw the first of the milk, individually from each quarter, to a level of 1 cm into the sample cup,  from the quarter to be inspected
  • Next simply press the switch and take the reading displayed.

The health of any quarter can be  determined in seconds! Subclinical mastitis, or impending mastitis, is indicated by the readings for each quarter and variation between the results

Readings Over 300 units

  • Healthy quarters usually show readings between 330 and 360 units.
  • Readings will, however, normally be slightly higher in young healthy cows (370 - 400) and lower in older cows (300 -320).

Readings between 250-300 units

Readings in this bracket may indicate either a healthy quarter or sub clinical mastitis, depending on the circumstances. Due to physiological differences, it is extremely difficult to define the precise cut off between healthy and sick quarters. Readings in this range can usually be taken as a healthy quarter, especially if no previous readings have shown a higher count (ie it is not a significant drop from the normal reading from the cow). Equally, if previous readings have been higher (ie over 300), the drop may indicate risk of sub clinical mastitis.

Unhealthy Quarters

  • Readings under 250 units
  • Readings in any quarter of under 250 units indicate sub clinical inflammation of the quarter, or at least great risk of it.

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