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- iScan Portable Ultrasound


Ultrasonography is a dynamically developing and most popular method for imaging of organs and tissues in veterinary medicine. Miniaturisation of electronic systems and efficient power sources enabled Draminski to design a truly revolutionary ultrasound model for field use. At the designing stage, we took into account most of the needs reported by veterinarians practising in difficult field conditions on a daily basis.

  • Excellent image quality
    A fully digital imaging technology has been used (B, B+B) to help in professional and fast imaging of:
    - full breeding of cows and mares,
    - tendons and horse’s equine eye ball,
    - pathological mammary gland,
    - objective assessment of condition of milk cows,
    - other examinations conducted with the use of ultrasound technology, e.g. breeding in other animal species (fish, snakes, alpaca, camels)
  •  Small, light and mobile
    By observing the physicians performing field work, we developed a design that involves:
    - small weight of the device, which allows for long-term work in hard conditions,
    - ultra-compact size to help examine without the assistance of other persons,
    - very efficient and easy-to-replace external battery assures non-stop operation.
  •  Extremely durable
    In the work of every physician devices need to be resistant to extremely harsh conditions. Therefore, the iScan ultrasound scanner:
    - has a duraluminum, very strong casing,
    - is fully resistant to water and other pollutants and can be washed under running water.
  •  High functionality
    - intuitive membrane keyboard,
    - an excellent LCD display with LED backlight, with a very wide viewing angle,
    - a sun visor that enables the user to work even in full sun,
    - clear and user-friendly menu,
    - storage of ultrasound images and video loops (Cine loop) in the device’s memory,
    - transmission of saved images and cine loop to a computer via USB2.0.

Owing to the above featuresDraminski iScan gains very positive reviews around the world and is considered a model diagnostic device for work in very harsh conditions.

  • scanner’s body with electronic linear probe,
  • carrying strap, which allows hanging the device on the neck,
  • package of external batteries (1 item in a standard version, 2 items in prestige version),
  • battery charger,
  • power cable for the charger,
  • USB cable for data transmission,
  • sunscreen (in prestige version),
  • a bottle of ultrasound gel (in prestige version),
  • abridged manual,
  • manual and a programme for data transmission to a PC, recorded on a CD,
  • Explorer transport case.

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