- Model WDS-45 - Manual Wheel Harrow


It is adaptable to 16’ 0” – 21’ 0” coverage. Designed to match up with field cultivators, disc harrows and other field implements which the harrow will be pulled behind to finish the seed bed. This unit comes equipped with a 13’ 5” pole for easier turning, especially in tandem operations. Uses 5’ 0” through 7’ 0” sections. (Note: use the longest possible sections in the center.)

WDS-45 - Four-Section, Two-Wheel Drawbar. (Link “WDS-45” & “WDS-47” to “4 section Manual Wheel Drawbars” page)

The center boom on a WDS-45 is adjustable to fit 5’ 0” to 6’ 0” open or closed end sections.

WDS-47 - Four-Section, Two-Wheel Drawbar.
The center boom on a WDS-47is adjustable to fit 6’6” to 7’ 0” open or closed end sections.

WDSPE-60A - Pole Extension
The Pole Extension is designed as an addition to your WDS-45 or WDS-47 cart for easier turning in the field when using these units in tandem with another tool for an improved seed bed and less fuel consuming operations.

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