- Model 1000 - Performance System



Shivvers’ Dri-Flo 1000 Performance Systems uses a bottom unload machine capable of removing up to 1000 bushels per hour. Two tapered sweep augers draw the grain to the middle of the bin and remove the dry grain in even layers to avoid coning out in the center of the bin. The horizontal transfer auger carries the grain to the edge of the drying bin, where it can be transferred to nearby bins or a truck.

What is a Shivvers PerformanceSystem?

Shivvers Performance Systems are a customizable package of components engineered to work together to provide optimum performance for drying grain, using continuous Counter-Flow technology.  Learn More

Dri-Flo performance systems can dry grain 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  As with our other systems the Compudry Command Center automatically controls the drying process.  You can continue to add wet grain as you harvest it.  The surge capacity of the Dri-Flo equals the size of your bin.

  • Horizontal unload machine with two ultra high capacity tapered sweep augers
  • Surge capacity as large as the drying bin
  • Up to 24,000 bushels dried per day
  • Removal rates up to 1,000 bushels per hour
  • Fits bins 18’ to 48’ diameter

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