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The working speed of up to 15km/h, insures high hourly output. At work the drill is carried by the rear roll and the hitch. The top link is in floating mode, the carried drill runs like a trailed drill. Available from 3m to 8m width, it suits your farm.

You need to combine a high quality seeding operation in all kinds of soil, while using an easy to operate drill.

The Novaflex is based on two efficient principles, provides precise positioning and high quality soil-seed contact:

  • Unique seed positioning thanks to the Preciflex tine
  • A real rear roll bar supporting the whole seeder


The Preciflex tine, with the roll, provide  a very accurate depth control of seeding, even with obstacles on the seeding lane. The Preciflex tine doesn’t move vertically, the seeding depth is controled. Stones and crop residues are moved away by the tines. The roll improves the soil-seed contact, providing a regular growth. Different rolls are available depending on your soils.

Simplicity and profitability

  • Driving adjustments and maintenance are optimised to provide a quick start, easy use, and low maintenance cost.
  • Few options, most equipments are standard, allowing for quick configuration.
  • No complicated burying system. Just a tine and a seed tube. Only 10 grease points on a 6m carried drill. Low price of the wearing parts.

Simplicity, precision, efficiency, with a Novaflex by Perrein, you will benefit from 15 years of experience in tine seeding operations.

Role: This tine drill is made for all soil conditions (even rocky soil), with every kind of seeds (little, medium, big), at high speed.


  • The Preciflex vibrating tine is 390mm under frame. Behind it a seeding tube is attached .
  • Because of its shape, the Preciflex tine can only have horizontal movements (front to back or left to right).
  • The planting depth is determined by the furrow cut by the tine, all seeds deposited on the surface of the drill are positioned on the same plane.
  • A seed cannot be deposited at a different depth than its neighbor (unlike with a curved tine).
  • The piles of straw cannot go up to the top of the tine, they stay at the base and are pushed away by the clods hit by the tines.
  • In addition, the vibration of the tines refines the soil on the seed bed.
  • Stones are ejected out of the seed lane by the tines, and the seeds are always deposited in earth.
  • A spring tine harrow between the tine and the roller closes the furrow before the passage of the roller.
  • The roller can be either a 500mm diameter packer roll, a diameter 600mm Airgom roll (inflation pressure 600g), or a 387mm diameter Roulgom roll.

It has three specific functions:

  • carry the drill at work as a trailed seeder (the third point in floating position).
  • precisely control the seeding depth with a screw adjustment.
  • pack the earth around the seed to improve contact and exchange between seed and earth.

Packer roll, Airgom roll or Roulgom roll have the same spacing as tines.
A second spring tine harrow behind the roll brings back small clods on the seed line.


  • Fast drilling operations in all types of soil.
  • Very accurate and regular seeding depth.
  • Absence of obstacles on the seeding line.
  • Regularity of growth.
  • Easy to drive, easy to adjust, low cost maintenance.


  • Working width from 3m to 6m, on carried versions (foldable from 4m), from 5m to 8m width on trailed versions.
  • 1500L Hopper on carried version and 4300L on trailed version.
  • Tine spacing of 14.3 cm to 15.6 cm depending on the model.
  • Pneumatic distribution feeder with variable flow control and linear adjustment: accurate and easy to set up.

Standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic markers
  • Access gateway
  • Signaling and lightening accessories
  • Electronic multifonction cab display
  • Emergence tracer 2, 4, 6 or 8 rows (symmetrical or asymmetrical)
  • PTO driven fan either 540 or 1000 RPM or hydraulic driven fan (PTO driven fan on trailed Novaflex).


  • Pre emergence tracers
  • Preciflex tines with carbide equipments
  • Microgranulator Delimbe.
  • Double hopper for micro-granules fertilizer.

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