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These unique & automated systems are individually designed to meet grower’s specific requirements. Users vary in size from 10 to over 100 hectares and we use GPS mapping to accurately plan the proposed systems. Using our own sourced connectors and fittings; leaks and problems associated with older and inferior drip systems are eliminated. There are several Drip and micro irrigation systems available for open field and Greenhouse / Poly tunnel watering. The principle is very simple and for all Drip irrigation Systems they basically consist of the same components.

  1. A reliable water source that will be sufficient to grow a crop.
  2. A good filtration system to keep the drip pipes/ drip tape working correctly without blocking (plugging)
  3. A pump or a header tank to supply the water to the drip pipe / tape.
  4. A series of pipes from the header tank, pump to the drip lines.
  5. It is also important that the system is designed to meet daily water requirements.
  6. The most important thing is that the system is designed to operate efficiently with the correct size pipe to irrigate a specfic area.

The above points are all just as important for micro irrigation systems.

Below is a description of the open field irrigation systems that is used in many parts of the world.
However the system below is talking about design of large areas of land with large volumes of water. The principles below are just the same as used in a very small garden drip system that only has a flow of _ m3 per hour using mains water or a tank. The valves are manual and the pipe size could be down to 8mm drip pipe. Using smaller size pipe makes simple drip systems very cost effective.

Wroot Water Systems established in 1997 to service the requirements of irrigation through drip lines on potato crops. These unique automated systems are individually designed to grower’s specific requirements. Users vary in size from 10 to 100has plus. Individually designed using GPS mapping to customers requirements, they are both water efficient and cost effective. Using our own sourced connectors and fittings, leaks and problems associated with older and inferior drip systems are eliminated.

An automated system uses a handheld controller to switch the individual valves on and off in sequence. Each block can be up to 4ha in size. One automated system can allow for the watering of several different crops, depending on the crop’s individual requirement. One of the main features of this system is the ease of installation with no additional cable, wiring or tubing in the field. By applying fertilizer through the tape means both the cost and environmental issues are addressed in an efficient and cost effective manner. This is of particular use in rental situations.

Water flow rates for the system are between 50-70m3/hr. Water pressure requirement is from 2-6bar, depending on distance and head. The working pressure of the tape is between 0.6-0.8 bar, with the emitter spacing of the tape being 20cm. Our Low Flow tape, proven in the field, ensures a gentle wetting of the soil structure around the rooting system so the plant receives the optimum amount of water required to achieve its full potential. This also makes it suitable for all soil types and particularly useful in areas where water is limited or small amounts are to be applied frequently. The tape is buried to a depth of approximately 1.5-2 inches. This can be done either at planting or soon after in a separate operation.

Water is first filtered, either sand media or disc filter, depending on the water source. Transfer to the field is by either underground main, aluminium pipes or, because of the lower pressure requirements, lay-flat. It then goes into either an MDPE main of 9m lengths with Bauer couplings or lay-flat & from there through 80mm valves, which regulate the flow and reduce the pressure to that required by the tape. This is supplied by 90mm MDPE pipes, again with Bauer connectors, through saddle off-takes and twist connectors. These types of connections eliminate leaks and thus wet patches associated with conventional forms of irrigation, and makes for very efficient use of water.

Radio controlled systems allow the control of pump, filtration, fertigation and valves, remotely and automatically from one location. Drip tape systems are currently in use in a wide variety of agricultural and horticultural crops, including potatoes, carrots, leeks, parsnips, onions, celery, asparagus, courgettes, strawberries and raspberries.

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