- Model V-MIX - Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon



BvL's self-propelled mixer wagons are equipped with a unique profiled roller. The coarsely profiled teeth of the profiled roller comb the fodder out of the clamp without impairing the structure of the fodder. During this process, all fodder components - whether maize, grass, straw or free-flowing components - are gently, yet powerfully removed by the self-propelled mixer wagon. The profiled roller has no knives and, thus, differs significantly from the mode of operation found in convential milling cutters that are used in other types of self-propelled mixer wagons. Maximus Plus, the high-quality self-propelled mixer wagon by BvL, is available at capacities of 11 - 15 m3.

Among others, this self-propelled mixer wagon offers the following standard features:

  • welded-on anti-overflow ring
  • Power mixing auger
  • spring-mounted driving-steering axle in the front, supported on oscillating headstock
  • spring-mounted rear axle
  • hydrostatic front-wheel drive
  • Automotive driving mode, speed infinitely variable from 0 to 25 km/h
  • Rear view camera
  • Lighting system in compliance with German Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) and LED lighting package
  • Exterior mirror heated
  • Mixing auger speed 0 min-1 up to 50 min-1
  • 6mm-strong double-ply rubberized fabric in the conveying duct

Everything at a glance!

  • capacity 11 -15m3 ^r     
  • one mixing auger
  • patented profiled roller for improved structure
  • extremely agile
  • 1 67 hp Common Rail diesel engine

Unloading technology that protects the structure (standard)

The Maximus Plus takes advantage of unique unloading technology that is easy on the structure and can do entirely without milling, pulping or knife cutting. Instead, the profiled roller operates with wear-resistant toothed segments that promise unloading operations that are gentle on the structure of the fodder and, thus, ensure less reheating over the long term.

Powerful unloading technology (standard)

The Maximum Plus stands high and above similar products thanks to its capacity to remove large amounts of material, while leaving the structure of the fodder perfectly intact. Its profiled roller is made of highly wear-resistant material that promises powerful unloading over the long run.

Reliable unloading (standard)
The machine's unique unloading technology allows for reliable unloading of both bulk solids and long-fiber materials. The machine's unloading process leaves behind a perfectly clean silage face – up to a height of more than five meters.

High-quality equipment (standard)
All components incorporated in the Maximus Plus are characterized by materials of supreme quality and great wear-resistant properties. This is evident in, among other things, the sophisticated unloading technology, the intelligent engine management and the convenience the Maximum Plus has to offer.

Convenient operation (standard)
Convenient operation was placed front and center during the development of the Maximus Plus. Straightforward joystick control, two integrated cameras and a graphic color display indicating the operational functions are manifestations of this machine's supreme level of convenience.

High maneuverability (standard)
The Maximus Plus is exceptionally agile – which is owed in no small part to the narrow distance between the axles that does not require four-wheel steering. The optional four-wheel steering increases the machine's maneuverability even more. You will appreciate its superior maneuverability and flexibility during your everyday work.

Powerful propulsion

The Maximus Plus is powered by a formidable, state-of-the-art 4-cylinder Cummins engine. Powerful as it is, the engine still allows you to work with low fuel consumption thanks to the intelligent engine management and the automatic traction drive built into the machine.

  • EDS discharge on the side
  • Feeding chute
  • Cross conveyor belt at the front or the back
  • Cross conveyor belt laterally movable
  • Elevator

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