- Model WS 6510 - Self-Loading Stacking Trailer



The SIPMA WS 6510 DROMADER trailer is a multi-purpose self-loading low-chassis trailer with a loading capacity of 6.5 tons. The truck slips its side fork under a bale and picks it up it from the ground. The bale is then moved by special arms towards the rear part of the body in order to make room for next bales.

The load body design enables the trailer to collect and ship bales (up to 8 bales with the diameter of 1.2 - 1.5 m), crops and other materials (e.g. sand).

Hydraulic distributor enables control from the cabin and ensures large comfort of work and high efficiency.

The safety support increases the stability of the trailer during the loading of heavy green fodder bales and also improves the safety of work

The all-wheel pneumatic brakes and the hand brake guarantee high safety of work

Road lights allow the machine to be used on public roads without incurring additional costs.

A tandem chassis (dead axles) and reinforced structure increase durability and resistance providing a load capacity of 6500 kg.

The hydraulic switch allows controlling the machine from the driver’s cab and ensures high operating comfort and efficiency.

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