- Ball & Spoon Coupling System



Fully Automatic Coupling; The DROMONE Ball & Spoon Coupling System allows for fully automatic coupling from the cab of the tractor with no need to leave the cab during coupling/ uncoupling. Safest Coupling System; Eliminates the risk of worn tow rings escaping from under the keeper plate, giving you peace of mind. Above all, the DROMONE Ball & Spoon Coupling System is certified and conforms to ISO 24347.

Quietest Towing Experience

The DROMONE Ball & Spoon eliminates shunting and rattling noises, offering you the quietest towing experience.

 Maximum Flexibility

DROMONE’s Ball & Spoon System is the easiest to use locking keeper plate in the market. No hitch modifications are required with the Ball & Spoon System, and no upward movement when tipping trailers. The system is automatic and interchangeable with hook and drawbars.

 Reduced Wear

90% less wear and hitch damage compared to using traditional towing rings, reducing your overall operating costs.

The DROMONE Ball & Spoon is a coupling system with a defined greasing point that evenly distributes the grease over the coupling, further reducing wear on the system.

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