Model O Series - Screen Filters



Screen filters O series are used for the removal of inorganic particles in small quantities and as a secondary filter to media filters to prevent irrigation system from clogging. Not recommended for the removal of heavy loads of inorganic and organic particles. 

Operation: The water enters the filter, flows into the cartridge and exits through the outlet. The inorganic particles are held in the screen’s surface. During maintenance cartridge is removed from the filter and is cleaned manually with water or with the help of a bristle brush.

Advantages: They are cost-effective devices.

Flow rates  2 - 550 m3/h
Sizes  1' - 10'
Max. working pressure  8 bar & 10 bar

Construction materials
Housing  S235JR carbon steel
Lid  S235JR carbon steel
Cartridge  PVC - Stainless steel AISI304
Screen  Stainless steel AISI304
Seals  EPDM
Coating  Chemical pre-treatment of surface, Polyester
electrostatic powder up to 120micron

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