- Model Series K RBR - Semi-Automatic Filters


Screen filters K RBR series due to their spin plate are unique in the removal of larger sized inorganic debris. They can be used as primary filters and also as secondary in systems with hydrocyclones having the best filtration results. Semi-automatic model combines the simplicity of a manual filter with an easy to maintenance brush system.

Operation: Dirty water is forced through the spin plate along the stainless steel screen. This centrifugal action drifts debris down to the holding chamber from where it is flushed out through the drain valve. Cleaning is effected during the filtering process without interrupting the operation. Simply open the drain valve and rotate several times the brush to clean the surface along the cartridge.

Advantages: Spinning direction of the water keeps greater of the screen surface clean as it deters dirt build-up. It combines the simplicity of a manually operated filter with the easy cleaning of a semi-automatic brush filter.

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