Hisarlar A.S.

- Model DRT - Vertical Rotary Harrow



Designed as a special single piece frame, the Drt Alabora Vertical Rotary Harrow is a powerful machine with the ability to prepare the ideal seedbed without causing hardpan formation. It works successfully on cultivated or un-plowed agricultural lands with dry soil consistencies. A custom engineered 540/1000 rpm power take-off gearbox allows for the use of 4 gears at 540 rpm and 2 gears at 1000 rpm with optional gear wheels. With its high quality blades, Drt Alabora provides an ideal 25 cm tilling depth and a maximum ground processing depth of 28 cm. The heavy-duty shielded roller helps preserve the present soil consistency. The tilling depth can be easily adjusted with the roller side pins. Suitable for combination use with the hydraulic kit (optional).

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