UNI-MASZ H.M. Juszczuk Sp.j.

Drum Mixer for Frozen Product



Unit used to mix frozen fruits and vegetables: One time charge:.250 kg (thickness of the product not less than 700 kg/m3). Capacity of the mixing drum : 3 m3. Mixing capacity: 1,61 (in complete work cycle 8 mm. for 1 portion). Security' level of electrical installation IP65 (motoreductor in the hermetical box). Loading height: 1300. Unloading height: 900. Mixer type: open, horizontal. Putting charge through the hole on one side of the drum, flood through hole on the other side.. There are the paddles in the drum (in flooding part they are installed in the way that product is moving back during the mixing and when we reverse rotation in the different way product is taken out from the drum) Control panel Motoreductor drive: N=l,l kW, 3x380 VAC, 50Hz Degree of emptying the tank: 100 %.

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