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As a market leader in this field, TEWE Elektronic develops, produces and assembles systems for a wide range of applications in the agricultural sector, such as feeding, mixing, dosing and conveying systems.The dry feeding technology plays an important role in modern livestock husbandry.In this area TEWE Elektronic is one of the market leaders in development, manufacturing and mounting of equipment for miscellaneous applications such as feeding, mixing, dosing and transporting in agricultural sector.The dry feeding technology is important in modern livestock husbandry. It allows the automatic feeding of dry feed made of milled grain which is transported to the feeding ground in the animal house.

However, our technology is more and more established in industrial sector for transport of ground plastic, granulate materials or even in food processing.

Meanwhile this mature technology is primarily built up of storage containers, mixers, conveying systems, control technologies and several trough systems to feed the animals.

Increased hygienic requirements

The usage of high-energy and perishable food requires the application of improved transport and dosing technologies. TEWE Elektronic presented new technologies on the occasion of the 'Euro-Tier' exhibition in 2006 - technologies which ensure the hygienic feed supply of livestock.

For these efforts and results, the 'DLG' (German Agricultural Society) awarded the

Silver Medal to TEWE Elektronic.

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