Montag Manufacturing, Inc.

- Dry Fertilizer Metering System


The Montag metering system is unique to the industry with its well-tested design made entirely of 300 series food grade stainless steel.  The Montag metering system has the option of standard or high output - to better fit you fertilizer needs.

Each of the rows are individually metered by a metering screw.  This gives the Montag meter a row-to-row accuracy of +/- 4%.  When properly equipped or connected with a swathing program you can turn off 1/2 (8 or 12 rows) or 1/4 (16 or 24 rows)

The metering system can also be obtained with the Twin Bin option allowing you to blend two products simultaneously with a VRT controller.  The Twin Bin meter is available in 8 and 12 row configurations with a capacity of up to 300lbs of each product (600lbs total) per acre @ 6 mph* .

Montag's highly efficient meter allows both high capacity and low hp requirements (1-1/2 hydraulic hp per row).  The controlling valve on the meter has a built in high-pressure relief to protect the metering system.  One air release per row is supplied with each meter to maintain proper airflow and reduce air pressure - making the system more efficient.

The Meter operates on the same principle as a tornado.  The fertilizer is metered into each of the air chambers at which point it is accelerated by the air that is spinning at around 3000 RPM.  

Therefore, when the fertilizer leaves the air chamber it is moving between 80-100mph.

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