Model DRY-MX - Grain Dryers



The DRY-MX grain series dryers are used for the drying of cereals and oilseeds in order to improve their storage and conservation quality.
The product is loaded in the upper part of the dryer, descends by means of gravity through the drying column and loses humidity until reaching the desired parameters. The particular geometry of the ducts in which the product flows and the pulse outlet guarantee a homogeneous flow and a continuous product mixing.

The drying is carried out in four main steps:

  1. first passage through hot air in which the most part of humidity gets lost
  2. rest phase, in which the residual humidity moves towards the external part
  3. second passage through hot air for the elimination of the residual humidity
  4. cooling: the zone is adjustable according to the product, final temperature desired and environmental conditions.

The main components of the DRY-MX dryer are:

  • drying column made of galvanised structural steel sheets externally reinforced with uprights
  • hot air distribution ducts in ALUZINC sheets, insulated with mineral wood and galvanised panels
  • unsaturated air ducts in ALUZINC steel, saturated air ducts in INOX steel
  • silent axial aspirators with 1000mm diameter and steel rotor directly keyed on the motor
  • One or more burners, according to the model, available in two versions:
    • traditional burners, with pressurized diesel, lpg or methane alimentation
    • linear gas burners with methane or lpg alimentation for a homogeneous heat distribution
  • burning chamber made of inox steel
  • unloading device with ducts closed by platforms with opening/closing poles controlled by pneumatic pistons.

The DRY-MX Save Energy driers permit an additional saving in the energy management since they pre-heat the air entering the burner by means of thermic exchange of the hot air exiting the burner (see air flow diagram below).

In addition to this, the air entering the dryer is taken from the aspirating ducts positioned on the upper part consequently the fresh air inlet is always favored. The DRY-MX dryers, on specific request, can be supplied with ladders and maintenance platforms and access doors on the lower part.

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