Desoiler Unit


Tolsma-Grisnich has developed an intelligent dry soil removal installation for the 24/7 removal of soil, haulm and other inherent non-product elements from agricultural produce. The installation has an hourly output of 80 tons of potatoes and fits in perfectly with the processing line of, for example, a French fries plant. Cleaning capacity, product-friendliness, intelligent control and minimal maintenance requirements are key design elements.

The installation includes a combination of cleaning techniques:

  • Axial roller cleaner featuring a bypass
  • Roller cleaner
  • Roller conveyor
  • Hedgehog conveyor
  • Discharge conveyor for soil and produce.

All roller and conveyor speeds are adjustable on a touch screen, as are the slopes of the axial and other roller cleaners. Settings can be saved so that the entire machine can be adjusted to a batch with different characteristics at the touch of a button. The major benefit of this is that stoppages of the installation are kept to a minimum.

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